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I design and create tailor made websites

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Grete Merlyn


I’m Grete and I like to draw and design websites. In short, I am a graphic designer specialized in web design.
In particular, I deal with the research, design and implementation (in WordPress) of tailor-made websites / creation of e-commerce and “online catalogues” / privacy and cookie adjustments for WordPress (GDPR) / UI and UX improvements (user interface and user experience) / counselling, support for design and training for WordPress websites.
You can ask me all about…

Web Design

So, how does it work?


The goals

Why do you need a website? First of all we need to have an interview to get to know each other better and to see together what we want to communicate, what we want to achieve and what we need to do online.


The creation of the website

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – ​Many People Have Said This.

What are the chances that the same person who already discarded you because you didn’t inspire him trust, will come back to you or on your website? You need to know that your website is your official online representation, so I hope you understand how important it is to get off on the right foot.
Are you very serious and straightforward or more dynamic and colorful? My job is to recreate your “essence” online by trying to recreate it as faithfully as possible, so your clients can recognize you online as well as offline.

The creation of e-commerce

Starting to sell your products or services online is not as easy as it sounds, trust me. You have to think about it very carefully and I won’t hide the fact that you will spend a lot of money, but even more in time. The moment you decide to take this big step, the most important factor is your working tool = the website. How far can you go if your customers don’t buy because they can’t understand or navigate your online store? My job is to give you the professional tool you deserve so that you have at least one less worry on your back.


SEO on-site

The website has to communicate with the rest of the online world as well – so search engines need to be able to understand what’s written on your website and whether what you have to offer is useful for the users who are searching in their search engine. Google’s aim (for example), in fact, is to give the person the answer he’s looking for. In this case my job is to make sure that Google can understand if your site contains the answer to the question.

I can also help you with:

Website restyling

In some cases, unfortunately, it is better to remake it, but sometimes a small touch-up is enough. If you have a “vintage” website or you realize that it doesn’t work, don’t worry, every problem has a solution. I can help you by improving both the appearance and the functionality (the structure, the performance, the usability), but also the content thanks to some very good collaborations with other professionals.

Website maintenance

Just as everything needs to be taken care of from time to time, the website also needs a little maintenance. Usually for the website we talk about updates that mainly serve to keep you and your users safe, but sometimes also to introduce new interesting improvements and features.

Commitment and precision

I really believe that my work makes a difference in the professional life of any individual or company that cares about their image. This leads me to always give my best to deliver quality service.

Punctuality and reliability

I’m the first one to surround myself with reliable people. Having a professional who makes you feel safe and sound makes all the difference. I consider your problem as if it was mine and if you needed it for yesterday, it’ll be done also for yesterday – always within the limits of possibility and guaranteeing you the highest quality.

Assistance and patience with kindness

I consider it extremely important to know how to use your tools properly. And therefore I want to offer this possibility to my customers as well. With patience and good will you can also work miracles. By becoming familiar with their website, they can make changes and manage communications independently.

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