your path to authentic entrepreneurial expression

👉 Hi, I'm Grete Merlyn ✨️ Authentic & affectionate being, a Human Design Nerd, entrepreneur and designer.

I help female entrepreneurs find their authentic self-expression & confidence in their natural talents through mentoring and Human Design.

About me


Restyle e riparazione (completo)
Client: Enneagramma Integrale
Date: Autunno 2020
Services: Riparare il sito e-commerce WordPress e brand visuals

La sfida del cambiamento climatico
Date: 2020
Services: brand, website

Grafica per stampa
Client: Bauroc
Services: Traduzioni, grafica per stampa

Sito aziendale
Client: C.S. Elettronica
Date: 2021
Services: Design, Copy, Website

New Ordinary People
Client: New Ordinary People
Date: 2021
Services: Brand, e-commerce, products, business

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Grete is a very professional and a serious person. I will definitely approach her again for future collaborations.

Grazia Merlo CS Elettronica

Her course was a unique opportunity to discover something I had never before approached independently. She was able to explain every single concept, always demonstrating skill and competence in her field, combined with a practical approach, availability to her students and a positive energy that was truly out of the ordinary.

Giulia Lupi Student

Great care and kindness, Grete proved to be a great ally for my e-commerce. Creative, solved the problems and great attentiveness. I recommend her to everyone!

Stefano Prendin Blunt Shop

Grete and I have been working together for some time now. Whenever I needed advice she was there to help me, very professional with a great personality.

Agic Suad WordPress Developer

If I had to use 3 words to describe my experience I would say without a shadow of a doubt: professionalism, helpfulness and passion. Excellent designer, I absolutely recommend!

Eleonora Pafundo Photographer

The very evening I met her, it didn't take long to realise that she knew her way around and I said to myself, as soon as I redo my sites, I will be with her to develop them. And so it was: she redesigned my blog, then my personal site, then the site for my new book, and I have already passed on 3 other projects to her. If you need a wizard, that's Grete Merlyn!

Davide Giansoldati Growth Hacker, Manager and Digital Strategist, Podcaster and Storyteller, Author and Trainer

Fresh, always cheerful and positive. Very professional, responsible and good at her job.

Giorgia Ghessa Studente

Grete is a very knowledgeable, patient, helpful and kind person. The course I had with her was very useful and I learnt a lot.

Cheikh Ibrahima Niang Studente