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I help leaders to reconnect and fuel their endeavours with their inner power.

πŸ‘‰ Hi, I'm Grete ✨️

and I’m all about the power of authenticity.

My path is one of intense self-development and growth. This is probably the Why behind my obsession with change, growth, authenticity, business and a sustainable way of life.

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I had an insightful session with Grete. She was spot on with everything that she pointed out about me, which highlights her human design knowledge. I had the session to get insights on aligned work/business paths and she delivered. For example, she brought up the fact that according to my design, I really benefit from the exchange of energy with other people. So collaborating with someone and teaching are good options for me. I happen to have done both in the past with great success and fulfillment. I just didn’t know that my design played a part in it. I also enjoyed Grete’s personal energy, she is friendly and down-to-earth, it was like having a chat with a friend.
As I’m a novice in Human Design, she explained everything to my understanding, making it easier for me to learn the basics and to understand how I can use it. And that was my biggest takeaway from the session, the practical advices for business! I have no idea how she could tell me so many things that resonate with me (about me), put things into perspective and normalize some of the things that I’m experiencing. It was super cool to learn more about my Human Design type and reflect on it! So I’d highly recommend Grete! ⭐️ Thanks again! 🫢 only made sense to have her doing my Human Design reading. That proved to be THE right choice. She has done an amazing job not only researching my profile but conveying the message to me in a way that I could understand and take action. She has left me with the recording for my future reference. A priceless gift that shall accompany me as I unfold the new learnings and navigate through life. Now, and thanks to her, a little less blinded, a little more connected. The rest of the job is for me to do. She has done her share and for that, I’m forever thankful.
The Human Design reading with Grete helped me make sense of why I am the way I am. She provided some really great insights, clearly knows what she's doing and has great energy! I totally recommend the Human Design reading with Grete if you want to deepen your self-awareness and make meaningful changes in your life from a place of self-compassion.
I really, really enjoyed my session. Everything about it was spot on with me and my personality. It was so interesting to hear and learn about my design. It seems I am on the correct path that I was created for! Thank you, Grete for that amazing session!!
I learned my Human Design last year from Grete’s consultation. So what does it mean for me and my work? That I’m here to start things, to innovate, to make an impact! So here you go, that is the ultimate mission of my business, therefore, it is fine that I’m impulsive, fast, with a powerful presence, mysterious, always mutating, I am pure energy. That for me explains a lot! I was always different as a kid. I could stand up for my opinions, stand up for injustice, stand up against the crowds, and move mountains and you know what, after a long time I am doing it and feeling it again and it is amazing….
I had a human design reading with Grete as I was interested in any insights regarding career and business direction. The guidance and insights I received really resonated with me and I found it really helpful to explore all the different aspects. I would definitely recommend a session with Grete if you are looking to uncover your strengths and deepen your self awareness.
Grazie Grete per avermi fatto scoprire la possibilitΓ  di mettere in atto una nuova forma di conoscenza di me stessa!
It was amazing to have my human design read to me by Grete, she is totally heart centered and joyful, she is also very committed to helping people. I found the reading very interesting and precise and helps you to understand yourself at a deeper level. I highly recommend Grete.
Grazie all'introduzione di Grete sullo HD ho scoperto alcuni tratti della mia personalitΓ  che avevo notato ma sui quali non mi ero soffermata a ragionarci. Questo mi ha permesso di consapevolizzarmi ancora di piΓΉ rispetto alle risorse che ho. Grete Γ¨ stata solare ed entusiasmante nell'esporci questo strumento durante un lavoro di gruppo!
I was lucky to show up for her wonderful training! I learned a lot, felt very safe expressing myself and will definitely implement what I learned in my daily life. I highly recommend Grete Merlyn for any type of class, webinar, or coaching program.
I’m so glad I signed up for Grete’s Human Design Analysis! I was familiar with it prior to our session, but I didn’t dig too deep into understanding how my unique design impacted my life. It was great to gain clarity and new insights from the findings she brought to my attention. She presented the complexity of it in a way that was so easy for me to understand and apply to my life. I really appreciated our session together, and I highly recommend her if you are interested in pursuing your professional potential πŸ€—