Hi, I’m Grete Merlyn Kaljumäe.

I’m a woman of 100 passions, including personal growth, environment & nature, design, Human Design, entrepreneurship, personal branding and personal finance…

All my passions help me guide awesome people on their journey of personal development. As a coach, I support people in achieving their goals in life, as a consultant I advise with tips and tricks on how to get better at communicating, being sustainable, relationships… I mix the two so that in moments when a person really has no idea about how and what, I can give some inspiration.

I’m all about authenticity. Getting to know ourselves, reconnecting to our intuition, our values and gifts, but also with nature and a more sustainable lifestyle.

My career journey

Yay! A Life Coach certificate!
Life coaching methodologies for supporting personal & professional goals achievement, addressing unhelpful habits and beliefs.
Personal study & research in Human Design
Human Design System and Gene Keys System. Human Design analysis for individuals, relationships and groups. Following the original teachings.
Personal research
C.G. Jung's Archetypal Psychology in Personal Branding.
2021 - now
Founder New Ordinary People @ Estonia
Biodegradable clothing project with a mission to create a business model that nurtures our planet. We're still experimenting to find the best approach for a sustainable and ethical business model for future generations.

In 2022, the project was selected in The Break Fellowship programme of Impact Hub and the EOI business school in Spain.

Nov-Dic 2021
Lecturer @ Monza
Web design, UX, WordPress and relative customer relations for the IFTS course on digital marketing and communication.
23 students / 49 hours.
Inspired the most active students to continue on their path of self-development and to pursue a career in Design.
Co-founder of startup @ Content is King
Agile team manager, art director and lead designer. The (digital) product is called Zuzai and is used for organising content through links, ideal for social media managers. Helped junior designers in their growth with mentoring, agile project management and facilitation of workshops and brainstorming for research, branding, guides and UX/UI design for mobile and desktop APP.

Development of websites and HTML and CSS pages for the MVP.

Personal research for Growth Hacking, following Raffaele Gaito's programme.
2020 - 2022
Freelance Designer
Interface design, experience design, mentoring and consulting, automations for local businesses.

Started with zero useful contacts and doubled profits in one year. Created successful partnerships with 3 marketing/advertising agencies. Created over hundreds of designs and digital interfaces/websites.

Personal research on Sustainability
Environmental impact of human activity on nature, self-production of cosmetics. Started my zero waste lifestyle.
Personal research on Digital communication
UI & UX Design, HTML, CSS, web security, GDPR, marketing, cognitive bias, digital marketing and brand identity.
Web Designer @ Villa Guardia
Design and development of websites, e-commerce, blogs, content materials for social media, landing pages and newsletters.

Design of community newspapers, gadget graphics, banners, trade fair stands, flyers, catalogues and various corporate communication tools.

Business growth through the implementation of basic branding, prototyping and content strategy in the digital creation process.

Don't be shy, fire up all the questions!😊✨