Hi, I’m Grete Merlyn Kaljumäe

and I’m all about the power of authenticity.

My path is one of intense self-development and growth. This is probably the Why behind my obsession with change, growth, authenticity, business and a sustainable way of life.

I help leaders to reconnect and fuel their endeavours with their inner power.

  • BG5 & Human Design Analyst
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Work by HDesign ™ for company culture
  • Inner Development Goals facilitator

What's my story?

🌱 Challenging beginnings

From my earliest years, I was the free spirit of nature, climbing trees and exploring the world. However, as I grew older, I found myself conforming to expectations, starting out as the “popular good girl” at school, and suppressing my true spirit. 

My family wasn’t the easiest and I encountered lots of situations a child shouldn’t have to experience, but this is also where I shaped my resilience.

I was already stuck between wanting to be accepted, and refusing to conform. The free spirit side of me danced to the beat of her own drum, organizing secret after-school events and exploring abandoned houses with friends. Eventually this internal conflict exploded into a full rebellion, breaking free from all the constraints and expectations that didn’t align with me. 

I don’t blame my parents for the hardships. Even if my childhood is full of adversity and personal losses, I’m grateful that through that it made me learn from a young age the true importance of inner strength, finding my own way and trusting my instincts.

🚀 Entrepreneurial spirit

While finishing highschool, I started to carve my career in digital design. A path of new confines: the corporate four walls of the marketing agency I worked for. It took me 7 years to arrive at the next breaking point: and finally,  in 2020, fuelled by hunger for change, I took the leap of faith to launch my own business and triple my earnings. COVID-19 may have brought challenges, but it also ignited a fire within me to not let anything stop me.

Despite the fire, it also felt like navigating stormy seas of self-doubt and pure chaos. Here I discovered whole new levels of self-management, power, compassion and self-love. By starting my own thing, I accidentally embarked another journey of self-discovery.

🌍 New ventures and awakening

In 2021, I founded New Ordinary People, a biodegradable streetwear brand, and co-founded Content is King, a digital startup. I was a founder, lead designer, educator, and mentor, sharing my expertise through teaching engagements and different projects. I ran between the classroom, on-going projects and curating my own fashion show for Green Fashion Week. I made sure to take every opportunity to inspire others, empower change and push forward.

Energy and time management were my priority, it was a matter of survival. And despite all efforts, I still faced burnout and an abundance of inner strength-testing battles. All this became another catalyst for transformation: I found my way to heal, reconnect and free my original spirit of nature, bringing me back to the roots. I rediscovered that person I was born to be.

From reading Stoics to discovering Human Design and coaching, I explored many layers and tools for self-awareness and empowerment, breaking free from all the expectations and embracing mySelf.

🌈 Authenticity-driven business

Having built several businesses, and being in close contact with startups and different organisations, I can’t hide my passion towards growth and creating impact. My experience through burnout, losing myself and back to balance gave me the tools I need to help others find their source of sustainable inner power to fuel their Big paths.

It only makes sense to put this passion and compassion into supporting visionary leaders to grow the strong roots necessary to go and succeed in their mission. This is the core of my coaching business: reconnecting leaders to their authentic inner power.

I understand the struggles that come with leadership and mission-driven work. I’ve lived through those moments of doubt, uncertainty, and exhaustion, feeling the weight of expectations and being on the search for clarity – from the outside. I know the struggles and I’m here to help. The right answers for yourself will always come from within you.

🚀 Empowering leaders to find their inner power

My mission is clear: to support leaders on their mission through self-discovery and empowerment. I help them step into their power through coaching groups, workshops, and personalized guidance. The roadmap I offer brings clarity, efficiency and confidence.

Do you feel you already have all that? Are you sure you’re operating from your highest potential?

My personal journey, combined with my expertise in Design Thinking, Human Design and coaching, positions me uniquely to support those who dare to have big plans towards change. 

If you’re a leader with a big vision, struggling with clarity, confidence, or energy management, I invite you to book our first session and to start your work towards inner transformation.

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