Design, development,
Search Engine Optimization,
restyling and consultancy.

websites & eCommerce
for small / medium businesses
and professionals

Design, development, Search Engine
Optimization, restyling and consultancy.

websites & e-commerce
for small / medium businesses
and professionals

Creation and management of professional, dynamic and responsive tailor-made websites / e-commerce with and without payment module / privacy and GDPR cookie adjustments / user experience design / consultancy and assistance for WordPress users

Web design


Let's start with the goals

Let’s see together the values we want to communicate with your website. We’ll write down on paper the real goals and needs of the business, so we can choose the best solution to develop a truly tailor-made website.


Websites for companies and professionals

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” Oscar Wilde / Will Rogers / Unknown author.

A website is a fundamental tool for representing one’s business online. The keywords are attractive and dynamic design, ease of use and responsive layout.

E-commerce websites

Starting to sell products online is a big step to take, but I can help: the creation of an online store with an intuitive product catalog, a simple check-out cart and a good payment system can only bring joy to your customers.


Search Engine Optimization

The development of each website / e-commerce also includes Search Engine Optimization. A good optimization starts with a good content. Does your website answer your client’s questions? The keywords are User eXperience, performance, mobile first and website’s reputation.

... and also

Website restyling

It’s easy to lose track online. Let’s analyze the facts, put down a plan and start with the restyling: we’ll improve the graphics, look over the content, improve the performance and usability to take out of the oven a fresh and updated website.


I’ll help you to give voice to your brand: first we’ll analyze the opportunities to follow and the tools and channels to use, then I’ll show you how to monitor the results so you can find the right mix which best adapts to your business goals. With a little planning and time you can do great things.

Website maintenance

Technology needs maintenance in order to stay up-to-date. Also websites need updates to keep it safe from the malicious users and to keep up with the latest technological innovations of various browsers and devices.


Experience, continuous professional updates and meticulousness result in a high quality product with attention to the smallest details.

Service and availability

Each website is built with passion and good sense to meet the business ideas and needs. It’s important to communicate with the client in every creative phase.


Usually the problems never respect office hours and holidays – it’s important to be there when needed.


The World Wide Web was made with the idea of freedom. I believe in my client’s independence, so i use only well-known CMS platforms to build websites and e-commerce.

My work

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About me

Name: Grete Merlyn Kaljumaee
Date of birth: 22/04/94
Country of origin: Estonia
Profession: Web designer/developer

Designer and professional developer of websites and e-commerce in WordPress.

Nuovaera Comunica la tua immagine srl web area manager since 2012.

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