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About me

Name: Grete Merlyn
Surname: Kaljumäe (translated “Rocky Mountains”)
Date of birth: 22/04/94
Country of origin: Estonia

  • My middle name is Merlyn 🧙.
  • I love to listen, observe, browse, motivate, take risks, socialise and find beauty.
  • I am an endless learner.
  • My first love is nature and sustainability, I’m a zero waster.
Things that product designers do:

  • Research, testing and analysis
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Digital interface, experience and interaction design
  • Art and creative direction

I’m certified:
AICEL Google Analytics
Analytics advanced Course Certificate
Certificato Aicel Grete Merlyn Kaljumaee

My core business is Experiences.

I usually wrap it all up with “I design digital products”, but what does it mean?

  • Business is my third name. I put the whole project in the right perspective and think about how to create more value for your business.
  • I’m good at figuring out which solution meets your problem most strategically. I do it with data and research on hand.
  • I research and empathise with people. I collect the thoughts, problems, habits of your clients to find out how to position you in their world.
  • I discover and observe your competitors. I find out where they are, what they are doing (less or more) to learn from them and help you test new directions.
  • I help you communicate the feeling. The values that guide you, the vibe you want to convey, the message you want to bring into people’s minds – all of this must be part of your project.
  • I create Experiences. I like to play with prototypes and create experiences for people. Simplicity, utility and sustainability are at the core of all my designs. I want to improve people’s lives and create positive experiences, and maybe even win a smile.


I have been lucky to work in a wide variety of industries: catering, advertising, municipal, associations, steel, lighting, furniture, construction, real estate, personal care, health, clothing, legal, digital, marketing and much more.




UX Design


Art & Creative Direction

Motivational team mentoring

Research & analysis

Design thinking

Problem solving

UI Design

Adobe XD Prototyping

Make me better:


Public speaking

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Word, Excel, Powerpoint



SEO on-site

Emotional empathy

I started in
Digital projects created
Hours invested on courses