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About me

Name: Grete Merlyn
Surname: Kaljumäe (in English it’s literally “Rocky Mountains”)
Date of birth: 22/04/94
Country of origin: Estonia

Google Analytics certificate
Analytics advanced Course Certificate

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Grete. My middle name is Merlyn 🧙‍.

I am mostly introverted, in fact, I like to listen and observe everything around me. I don’t have a fixed hobby. I prefer to experiment and surround myself with different activities to find inspiration and test my limits.

I’m a

Digital Designer

I usually simplify everything with an “I create websites“, but the reality is never that simple. So, what do I do?

I try to better understand my clients, their needs, and their market in order to design a website that reflects their goal with their end-user in mind. After having made the proposal of the possible branding, I design the preview of the website and then build it using WordPress following everything there is to follow (SEO, GDPR, user experience and interface, responsiveness, etc).


Did you know that e-commerce saves the visually impaired a lot of effort? And that it is difficult to find one perfectly usable with the screen reader?

To do all this, it’s important to know how to put yourself in my client’s shoes as well as in those of its users and, finally, to know how to communicate and emotion the end-user through a fairly cumbersome channel such as the web.


Digital & web design:

Adobe XD



SEO on-site


Research & analysis


Digital Marketing

Graphic design:


Adobe Acrobat



Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Problem solving

Emotional empathy

Mentoring and human contact


is the year I started
websites created so far
hours to learn what I know

The less technical and more curious side of my work, instead, is the chance to meet many people from many fields and thus discover a little bit of what the world is like. I have been lucky enough to be able to work on websites related to catering, communication, municipalities, associations, steel industry, illumination, furniture, construction, real estate, personal care, health, clothing, legal assistance, and much more.