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About me

Name: Grete Merlyn
Surname: Kaljumäe (translated in English it’s literally “Rocky Mountains”)
Date of birth: 22/04/94
Country of origin: Estonia
Profession: Web designer

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Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Grete. My middle name is Merlyn 🧙‍♂.

I’m a bit introverted, in fact I’d rather listen and observe than talk. I never have a permanent hobby because I like to experiment and surround myself with different activities to express my creative personality, so sometimes I feel a strong impulse to do something different and test my limits.

I’m a:

“Web Designer”

I usually start with a simple “I create websites”, but it’s actually a bit more fun:

I try to better understand my client and search his market to design a tailor-made website that reflects the customer’s objective thinking about his end user. After having designed and created a logical structure of the website, I create it in WordPress. One of the most important criteria in building a website is that the site must be adaptable and usable, and therefore it must work well on every device/app/browser. In addition, you also have to meet all the laws and criteria such as SEO (it must be able to communicate with Google), GDPR (it must contain privacy policy, but even more the warning and the possibility to remain anonymous) and surely you need to know well the concept of usability.


Did you know that e-commerce saves a lot of effort for visually impaired people? And that it is difficult to find one that is perfectly usable with the screen reader?

In order to do all this it is very important to know how to put yourself in the customer’s shoes as well as the user’s and, finally, to know how to communicate and emotion the end user through a rather intricate channel such as Internet.

I've been working in the industry since:
Web sites created:
Hours spent to learn what I know:

The less technical and more curious side of my work, instead, is the chance to meet many people from different sectors and thus discover something new. I have been lucky enough to be able to work on websites about catering, communication, municipalities, associations, steel industry, lighting, furnishings, construction, real estate, personal care, health, clothing, legal assistance and much more.