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Enneagramma Integrale

Enneagramma Integrale is the website of Maura Amelia Bonanno, one of those people who make the difference in the world. Her vocation and work is to improve people’s quality of life – amazing, isn’t it? 😊

She came to me with a problem: her just redesigned website was not working right. The e-commerce was not working, the general usage of the site and everything related to GDPR, SEO was not ok…

So the first step was to get the site on track and working properly. That done, as the main purpose of a website is to communicate, the visual aspect is very important! – It’s what helps the user to benefit from the content. Unfortunately, it was rough and not very usable – therefore, we had to polish the entire design of the site and tune the branding (colours, fonts, symbols and logo).

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