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Davide Giansoldati & Notepad

Davide Giansoldati is a Manager, Digital Strategist, Speaker, Storyteller, Author and Trainer. In addition to everything he does, he also works a lot with writers, so in this case, his target loves books and reading in general. is his personal blog, designed to be an online collection of all his notes and activities.

Since the focus, in this case, is all on the text, we wanted to create an extremely minimal visual impact and put all the emphasis on the comfort of reading. Just as it was a book.

We decided to use the good old classic for the body text: Georgia, an extremely fluent typeface that makes reading easy and smooth. For the micro-copy and titles, instead, we went for an elegant, firm and modern font like Open Sans.

This is my first website where I could experiment with the dark mode (now it’s everywhere, but believe me, it wasn’t). Reading the content in night mode makes a big difference for our eyes.

David’s personal website and the Notepad blog are a practical example of how you don’t really need much to have an aesthetically complete website. It’s the details and the content that makes the difference.

Davide Giansoldati

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