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Puntoluce is not just a simple lighting shop – it’s literally “the hot spot for people who want to design with light”. Starting with space design, moving on to counselling and ending with installation: they offer a full range of services!

Recently we redesigned it to “illuminate” the old website we had done years ago. Here is an idea of the old website (a bit dark, right?…):

Thanks to the numerous beautiful photos available, we decided to leave it to them to describe the quality of the products sold by Puntoluce.

Underneath the clean and elegant design of the new site, there is also some content work to improve the SEO. First of all, we revived the news section, and then introduced the whole product catalogue section and also separate pages to describe the individual brands.

And since the company has an accurate selection of high-quality particular products in its catalogue, browsing it is a real pleasure for those who, just like me, spend their free time browsing through photos of creatively furnished rooms on Pinterest😍 – and, most importantly, also for people who want to illuminate with great style.


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