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Stop Destroying Earth

Stop Destroying Earth is a project made during the Climate Change Challenge of Design Calendar “No Job Board” initiative. But of course, it’s way more than just a project. (I hope 🤞) it’s a wind of change.

Practically we had to make something in a week. So I decided to create a website to raise awareness of global warming and get people to change their habits and share the message.

This website is made to feel the urgency (the countdown) of the change we need to make in our lifestyle.

It’s the answer to all the people who:

  • think that they can’t do anything about it and that it’s not their problem.
  • are too lazy to go out there and study the problem and then to find the solution.

Now they can have one place where they can find just some info to get around, but more importantly, they can find and share their own tips for a more sustainable way of living.

So, the one-week project started with the research (target and content).

It went on with a fast branding idea about the colours and fonts (Futura + Oxygen 😎).

And it ended with a prototype.

See the prototype in action

For social share


For social share

logo with slogan

But as I truly would like to make something about it, I actually made the website.

The project itself is kind of time-consuming to take on by myself, so if you would like to help (copy, translations, social, promotion or other), I would be super happy to collaborate 😅