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YouNique Experience

YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship is the exhibition of high-level artisan craftsmanship held every year at Villa Ciani in Lugano – it’s a weekend full of exclusive culture and beauty brought together in one place by only the best international luxury artisans.

I think we can say that this site evolves together with the event – and who knows what it will be like in 10 years 😉. If in the beginning, in 2018, the site had the institutional part of its organizers (dark-elegant) and the part of the exhibition (changed to light in 2019) all in one site, this year (in 2020) finally the roads have separated and the YouNique-experience’s website is now entirely dedicated to the exhibition.

Its dark (corporate) and light (exhibition) version before the restyling:

No more fine fonts that are hard to read, although one might say that the finer fonts seem more elegant, the “bold” and “normal” are not to be underestimated. Essential texts (people read relatively little on websites), professional photos, some spacing and movement in interactions and voilà – done and finished 😊. Actually it’s not that simple, there’s a bit of work behind it, some previews etc etc etc etc.

Psst!A secret: the Home page is designed to be changed according to the objective of the moment: the preview you can see in this page and the Home page designed to communicate the postponement of the event for Covid.

An event is something dynamic – so is its website, otherwise, are we sure it really represents it?

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