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Every journey begins with the first step.

➀ Preparations


The first step is to schedule an interview to get to know each other better and see together what we should do and which is the best approach to take.


Just some research to understand who we are making our product for. This will be useful for your online communication in general.


Everything in one place: the structure of the site, colours and fonts (and if you need, even branding). This will help you keep all the communication coordinated with other professionals.


It’s the prototype for the main pages or, why not, the whole website. You can browse it, decide the changes and play with it until you are proud of the final result. The prototype for larger projects is even more elaborate and dynamic: made to be used also for user testing.

➁ Design


The preview becomes a WordPress website. I’ll take care of everything you need (performance, SEO on-site, GDPR, implementations with your favourite services). You will have a lean, beautiful and functional site.


If you’ll have e-commerce, it’ll be WooCommerce that works with pretty much all your suppliers. Dropshipping, courier integration, payment gateways, social, billing, automated discounts – you name it and we’ll do it!


If your website is “vintage” or doesn’t work, don’t worry, we’ll fix it by improving its appearance and functionality (structure, performance, usability).

➂ And then…


Like to be independent? I’m with you! You’ll get the instructions and I’ll help you get familiar with your website. If needed, you can also have a training session where we’ll learn by practice.


The website needs care and cuddles too. Usually it’s just updates, but sometimes even small changes if there are new interesting improvements and features.

Extra services

Being a freelancer makes me lucky. I can have a more dynamic network of collaborations. Together, the quality of the work is taken to a new level.

I collaborate with: copywriters, videomakers, photographers, illustrators and web marketers.

Are you with me?
Now it’s your turn to tell me about yourself.