Are you planning for a seriously big impact?

Join this group coaching program to work deeply on yourself or go all-in for your goals.

The Power Within

3 months of powerful inner work to reconnect to your true nature, understand how to efficiently manage your energy and gain powerful disarming clarity.
Big plans need big roots, this is why The Power Within has 2 levels: the first one helps you grow the strong roots, the second one helps you get the plans done.




Group work for clarity and self-awareness

A leap from uncertainty to clarity; from following others to following your intuition.

This group helps you:

  • Understand yourself on a very deep level.
  • Understand how to manage your stress, emotions, intuition, communication, mind and energy.
  • See and gain confidence in your skills and talents.
  • Get clear on where you want to go next.

The work includes:

  • Audio tracks
  • Evaluation exercises
  • 3 months of weekly in-person sessions
Pricing for 3 months of intense work and growth
Reserve your spot for 150€. Start by booking and sending your information:
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If you’re new to working with me, You’ll have a bonus Human Design Analysis!



High Achievers

Group work for getting things done.

From dreams to goals; from scattered to control; from stuck to motivated.

This group helps you:

  • Stay on track and achieve your goals.
  • Find and keep the motivazione high.
  • Work through the habits and obstacles that keep you stuck or slow.
  • Discover and look for more efficient ways to get there quicker.
  • Work on the fears or limiting beliefs.

The work includes:

  • 3 months of weekly in-person sessions
  • Clarity exercises and learning moments
  • Abundance of constructive feedback
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Due to the nature of the work, the groups are carefully selected.

What to expect?

There is work to do before every session. A week before the session you’ll recieve your own personal material for the pre-session work. This includes audios, questionaires, evaluation sheets and some bonus material if you feel like taking an extra step.

During the sessions you’ll have the safe space to share your thoughts, experiences, wins and struggles. Here we can work through them.

Human Design is present in all the work, and even more in depth in the 1# Reconnection group. In this group we’ll actively learn to understand ourselves through the Human Design System.

Is this work for me?

The group coaching is specific for people with big plans ahead. And is held separately for categories:

  • Solopreneurs and freelancers: the ones who are on the tough solitary road.
  • Leaders: the ones who have people to guide and motivate.

You will be in the same group with people who share your similar struggles.

When will it start?

The sessions will start in February 2025.

The bonus Human Design Analysis should be booked before the first session.

Where is it held?

The in-person sessions are held in a beautiful luminous studio in the center of Como.

How does the payment work?

A non-refundable fee of 150€ is requested to reserve your spot. The rest of the balance (2 070 €) has to be paid atleast 1 week before the first session.

There is also a possibility to pay the entire fee at once.

More information

Before starting, you’ll receive a Coaching contract and Confidentiality agreement to sign. All the information shared in the sessions will be confidential.


The sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable, make sure you make it and give your full commitment to the work.


You can cancel your participation with a notification of a minimum of 14 days before the start of the coaching program. If for one reason or another the group program has to be cancelled, you’ll receive a full refund of what you paid.


For any questions, send your email to

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