12 Week Year planner

The success is in simplicity and commitment.

This is my goal setting method I’ve been using for some years now. It’s inspired by 12 week year method.




  1. Print them out.
  2. Fill in your vision and mission
  3. Write down the 12 goals that will get you to your vision
  4. Start with your first week.
    1. Set the one biggest goal you need to finish this week.
    2. Plan your week around that.
    3. Vote and contemplate your week before starting the next one.
  5. Finished the 12 weeks, write your main learnings and successes.
  6. Have 1-week pause before starting the next 12-week year 🙂

Usually after the 3rd round, we start to get used to it and get better at fulfilling our goals. Be kind to yourself.

I wish you success and prosperity.


If you need to use it for other than personal use, please contact me at info@gretemerlyn.it