SMART goals & prioritizing goals PDF

One sheet, infinite more effective goals. It includes 2 methods: SMART goals checklist and the Eisenhower Prioritization Matrix.

Get unstuck, get productive and more effective at decision-making by mastering these two goal-setting techniques.

I wish you to unlock the power within and get it done 🌻🤩



Sometimes we procrastinate because our goal looks like a whale and we have no idea where to start. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by everything we need to do that we’d like to book a ticket to the Bahamas.

Get strategic and stich the stuff that isn’t really worth your time.

Side note: it might take some practice with the goal prioritization as by default we tend to feel that it’s all very urgent and important. Probably just 20% really is.

This is good for:

  • Getting specific on your goals
  • Understanding your goal hierarchy
  • Prioritizing personal goals
  • Prioritizing professional goals
  • Prioritizing short-term and long-term goals
  • Decision-making for your daily to-do list
  • Strategic time management

If you need to use it for other than personal use, contact me at