Human Design for Business

Human Design is an incredibly potent tool for self-discovery, and even more powerful when applied in the business world.

It’s a reliable and mechanical methodology that unveils the strengths and pain points of individuals, teams, and your entire business.

It helps you find the optimal path to success… and who doesn’t want that?

I'm interested in...

Career Analysis

This isn’t your typical career consultation! It’s like looking beyond the layers to discover your hidden treasures. In a nutshell, it reveals:

  • Your natural superpowers (soft-skills, strengths, skills).
  • Your unique learning style.
  • Your ideal working environment.
  • How you thrive best, be it solo, with a partner, or in a crowd.
  • Your personal guide to interacting with others.
  • Your decision-making strategy.
  • The roadblocks and how to bulldoze through them.
  • The epic quest of your purpose.

🌈 Work and life don’t have to be a tough cookie. This is your guide to unlocking your path to success… easy peasy!

Discover how your superpowers apply to your career. Let's find your path to success!
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Alpha Leadership Analysis

If you’re the leader of the pack, this one’s for you. Alpha Leadership Analysis takes you on a journey into your leadership style, your innate talents, how to earn the respect you deserve, and even how to speak the language of each team member. 📈

Brace yourself; it’s all about getting real and transparent. The raw truth is the path to making your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Lead with confidence and insight. Let's power up your leadership.
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BG5 Team Analysis

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? BG5 Team Analysis zooms in on the dynamics of your small team (3-5 people). It uncovers the individual personalities and how their forces combine to create a powerhouse.

It shines a light on those pesky problems that can be avoided.

🛠️Awareness is the key to engineering a powerful team.

Supercharge your team's synergy. Let's engineer a powerful dream team!
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OC16 Business Analysis

OC16 Business Analysis is for the bigger picture. It delves deep into the dynamics of your teams and the company as a whole. Plus, it guides you on how to lead your business with ease.

This insight helps you reduce friction and lets you understand the natural roles of your team members. The goal? A more potent workforce, a nurturing environment, and crystal-clear communication.

Happy employees and managers are the name of the game. After all, happy people are statistically more loyal and productive.🌟

Create a smoother, more productive business. Let's transform your dynamics!
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Each analysis can be followed by Coaching and Consulting, offering ongoing guidance during the implementation or change phase. Whether you need a one-off session or a 3-12-month collaboration, I’m here for you.

The Coachsulting is all about:

  • Implementing the insights from your analysis.
  • Alpha coaching for unleashing your unique leadership style.
  • Achieving the goals based on your uniqueness.
  • Breaking through the “stuck” feeling.
  • Gaining crystal-clear clarity.
  • Boosting the confidence.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Let’s do this together! 🌟