Reconnect to your true nature through Human Design Life Coaching

3 months to reconnect to your power while working on business, relationship or personal goals.

I support leaders on their mission through self-discovery and empowerment. 
We will be focused on finding clarity, confidence and efficient self-management. Our work means being open to reconnecting to the authentic power within that is needed to fuel the path ahead.

This is a personalized path, where we work on your specific journey. It can lead us through whatever needs to be worked through for you, including:

🌟 Understanding and accepting your nature.
🌟 Deep dive into your shadows.
🌟 Energy, Task, Time & Self-management.
🌟 Behavioural and thinking patterns.
🌟 Breakthrough sessions for clarity and introspection.
🌟 Getting unstuck and refinding that sense of purpose and motivation.
🌟 Mindset work for Stress and Emotional management.
🌟 Sustainable lifestyle transformation.

I use Human Design to make sure you’re on a sustainable path and seeing your challenges clearly.

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Your true power as a leader comes from embracing your uniqueness.


🌈 Who is it for?

I work with professionals and leaders from different backgrounds, passions, genders, beliefs.

My coaching is for you if you’re a leader with a big vision, struggling with clarity, confidence, or energy management,

The areas we can touch depend on your own path and can be quite holistic: transformation and personal development, acceptance, mindset, habits, professional change, lifestyle, balance, motivation, confidence, communication, relational, even fresh starts…

✨ What is Human Design?

We usually live in our minds. But what about our instincts and intuition? The body’s ancient intelligence? Our body is the one who actually knows how we are – without any “should/shouldn’t”s. Our instinct knows what is the right decision for us.

Human Design is a tool that helps us undersand how beautifully unique we are as individuals. How our needs and challenges are different. It gives insights into how we’re designed to operate.

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🌈 How do you use Human Design in the coaching?

I keep your Human Design chart well in mind during the whole process. It helps me understand your personal path and what you might me experiencing. This way I can be way more helpful and reflect back towards your design to support you in finding a more authentic or easier way.

🌈 Is it like therapy?

No. I’m not a therapist, and coaching or Human Design does not substitute professional health care.

🌟 How does the discovery call work?

It’s a session I offer you for free where we get to know each other and see how can I exacly help you.

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