Reconnect to your true nature

Human Design & Coaching

Personal development can get tricky and it’s totally normal to get lost in our minds!
I facilitate clarity and grounding within. Helping awesome people find their way to conquer their goals.

🌈 Nothing is impossible. It’s usually just our mind finding all the ways to make things look impossible to reach.

I can help you with…

🌟 Better understanding yourself.
🌟 Deep dive into your shadows and reconnection (with Gene Keys)
🌟 Energy, Task & Self-management in general.
🌟 Reaching your goals.
🌟 Work on your communication skills (authenticity, blocks, confidence…)
🌟 Solving problems through clarity and introspection.
🌟 Getting unstuck.
🌟 Finding your purpose.
🌟 Positive mindset work.
🌟 Transition to starting your own business.
🌟 Sustainable lifestyle transformation.

And most importantly, we’ll do it YOUR WAY. I use Human Design to make sure you’re on a sustainable path and seeing your challenges clearly.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other? Dive into the fascinating world of Human Design and get things done following your unique gifts and challenges.

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The world needs YOU and your uniqeness!


🌈 Who is it for?

I work mostly with professionals and business people from different backgrounds, passions, genders, beliefs. I’m inclusive 🥰 as long as we speak the same language, we’re on!

My coaching is for you if you’re looking to reconnect with yourself and find your authentic & powervful way to reach the goals.

The areas touched can be quite holistic: transformation and personal development, professional change, lifestyle, balance, motivation, confidence, communication, fresh starts…

✨ What is Human Design?

Our mind tells us all the funny theories and stories about how we should and shouldn’t be. But what about our inner intuition? Our body’s intelligence? The one who actually knows how we are – without any “should/shouldn’t”s?

We are so beautifully unique as individuals, we couldn’t possibly all use the same techniques to make the right decisions for us. And that’s exacly what Human Design helps us understand.

Human Design is a tool that gives insight into how our body is designed to operate, and how we are designed to navigate life. This level of awareness put into practice really brings ease and self-acceptance on the deepest levels.

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✨ Why Human Design?

You might think it’s a bit “woo-woo,” but I’ve witnessed its profound accuracy in countless times. Human Design helps us see on our innate talents, untangles lifelong struggles, and reconnects us with our bodies. Understanding how we’re wired brings great inner peace and self-acceptance. Embrace the truth: You’re meant to be yourself, and that’s the key to a life free of unnecessary resistance.

Remember, knowledge alone is futile unless put into practice. Every self-development tool demands introspective work.

🌈 How do you use Human Design in the coaching?

Before starting the coaching work, I usually do a Human Design analysis relevant to the goals you’re looking to achieve.

During the coaching, if I see that it can be helpful, I reflect back towards your design to support you in finding a more authentic or easier way.

🌈 Is it like therapy?

No, my “healing” is of different kind. I’m not a therapist and coaching, consulting or Human Design does not substitute professional health care. My practice is spiritual-mental.

🌟 How does the discovery call work?

It’s a session I offer you for free where we get to know each other and see how can I exacly help you.

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