Coaching & Consulting

Personal development can get tricky and it’s totally normal to get lost in our minds!
I facilitate clarity and grounding within. Helping awesome people find their way to conquer their goals.

🌈 Nothing is impossible. It’s usually just our mind finding all the ways to make things look hard to reach.

I can help you with…

🌟 Reaching your goals.
🌟 Work on your communication skills (authenticity, blocks, confidence, overcoming shyness…)
🌟 Solving problems through clarity and introspection.
🌟 Getting unstuck.
🌟 Finding your purpose.
🌟 Positive mindset work.
🌟 Transition to starting your own business.
🌟 Sustainable lifestyle transformation.
🌟 Self-discovery and grounding through Human Design.
🌟 Finding answers to all your personal development questions.

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🌈 Do you do coaching & consulting together?

Yes 😍

I help you by asking the right questions to help you understand your own truth and I give you advice when I see that you need it and I have real experience in the area.

I can advise you only on what I’ve learnt on my skin: personal development, healthy relationships, shadow work, communication issues, starting a business, online communication and branding…

🌈 Who is it for?

I work with adults with different backgrounds, passions, genders, beliefs. I’m inclusive πŸ₯° as long as we speak the same language, we’re on!

My coaching and consulting is for you if you’re looking to reconnect with yourself or be more sustainable.

The areas touched can be quite holistic: personal development, professional change, lifestyle, balance, motivation, confidence, communication, fresh starts…

🌈 Is it like therapy?

No, even if they say I “heal”, it’s a different kind of healing. I’m not a therapist and coaching, consulting or Human Design can never substitute for a doctor.

🌟 How does the discovery call work?

It’s a session I offer you for free where we get to know each other and see how can I exacly help you. On that call, we will also decide on our agreement which will depend on your needs. Usually, it involves getting aligned on time, communication, accountability and price.

After the call, I put together our mutual agreement for us to sign and our journey can begin!

🌟 Do you do Human Design Consulting and Coaching too?

🌟YES!!! 🌟And it’s my favourite path for personal development! πŸ₯°

You can read all about it here!

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