The Power Within

12 workshops with group coaching to dive within, gain confidence, trust and love for yourself and work towards what you dream of.

Take part in this guided path, a leap from shy to confident; from chaos to control; from dreams to goals. This is a linear and nurturing journey that helps you:

  • Find clarity for your doubts and fears.
  • Find passion and motivation.
  • Learn how to make decisions towards the life you want to live.
  • Discover how your mind sabotages you from achieving your goals.
  • Achieve the goals you bring with you.
  • Increase your self-esteem, strength of spirit and confidence.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships.
  • Have a serene and clear mind, with an added sense of gratitude.
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Inner work is a deep and beautiful process. Even better if done together with like-minded people.
We'll meet each new moon to use it's introspective influence for our benefit.

Join this safe space of support and guidance, and allow the power of the group to help you grow stronger as an individual. Each workshop is unique and interactive, including moments of coaching, sharing, meditation and introspective exercises.


We’ll start with an introduction and take a moment for mindfulness. This workshop will help you discover your own root values that motivate your daily decisions and life choices.

We’ll go on a journey within. This is a powerful workshop with the potential to soothe your wounds and nurture the roots that influence your actions today. We’ll craft (no artistic skills required), meditate & share. Make sure you’ll bring your favourite photo of your early childhood.

If we believe that we’re not good at sports, it’s difficult for us to go and run a marathon. In a similar way, if we believe that we’re a terrific public speaker, we’ll find it easier to go out of our comfort zone. In this workshop, we will dive into your thinking and find limiting beliefs that hold you back. This awareness helps you see how your mind influences you and helps you gain more control over it.

This is a strong session that makes you “zoom-out”. We’ll dive into questions such as “Why am I on this planet?” and “What am I here to do?”. The exercises involved require a willingness to look deeply within and find motivation for a significant change for the better.

Human Design is a system that helps us understand ourselves and how we connect to others. It’s inspired by Astrology, Chakras, Jewish Kabbalah, Chinese I-Ching, Physics, Biochemics and Genetics. This is a session around energies: discovering how we feel the world around us and how others feel us. This workshop will have a conversational format. You’ll want to have your notebook with you.

I will ask for your birth information in advance.

Ikigai is a Japanese way of talking about “purpose in life”, but in a much more practical way than we usually do. After 2 previous sessions of deep work within, we’re ready to find a way to make our purpose fit into what the world needs and make a viable plan for living it out.

A vision board is a powerful tool that helps us envision our future direction. In this workshop, we will combine visualization with crafting (no artistic skills required) and share our dreams.

In this workshop we’ll start to transform your dreams into reality by creating a structure for our path: the goals. You’ll learn how to define your specific and practical goals to get you where you want to be. We’ll also see how to make the achievements easier for you.

This is a practical workshop on finding your ideal and healthy systems for stress/energy management, time management, and task management. Everything is adapted to your unique way of being.

Includes an accountability moment for your goals.

In this session we’ll practice looking for what really serves us: opportunities and learnings. It will be sharing our “fuck-ups” and discussing our learnings together.

Includes an accountability moment for your goals.

In this workshop, we’ll dive into what’s keeping you from being true to your nature and confident. After a moment of mindfulness, you’ll learn some confidence tips and we’ll share our confidence challenges and how to overcome them

Includes an accountability moment for your goals.

We’ll take part in a ritual where we can practice giving with an open heart and receiving with gratitude. A powerful sister-/brotherhood circle.

Due to the nature of the work, it’s a carefully selected group. This is why we’ll schedule a discovery call to understand your needs first.

Each session is for maximum of 12 people and has a duration of approximately 1-2 hours.

You’re invited to bring your journal or a special notebook with you.

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Smiling Grete Merlyn


Grete Merlyn Kaljumäe
Life coach, consultant and Human Design Analyst

I love metamorphosis. I transformed from a shy people-pleaser who rarely said anything to a confident woman who lives true to her values and follows her true nature. I can say from experience that only deep inner work can help individuals become powerful. I facilitate inclusion & personal growth, creating moments of introspection and nurturing authenticity.


We’ll be in a cozy space in Opificio Zappa, a former water-powered grain mill.

Address: Via IV Novembre, 2 – Erba (CO)

Reconnect to your roots and grow stronger.

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